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We keep your social media current. Social trends change all of the time and if your channels are not updated on a regular basis, they become stale quickly and that can be perceived as a reflection of your brand. At InVue, we don’t just post to post. We take the time to understand your brand and make sure only the best content gets published.

We take an audience first approach to make sure the audience is defined first, and the content is relevant to that audience.

Audience First

Content Creation

At InVue, we generate insights and trends about your audience utilizing Facebook Audience insights, among other leading tools in the industry.

Our content is created based on learnings in your brand voice. We utilize our in-house creative team to develop industry leading creative that is aesthetically beautiful and on topic.

The key to a great content calendar is not only the relevancy and attractiveness to engage, but the frequency in which you connect with your audience. Too much communication can yield a negative reaction from your audience and actually cause users to unfollow your brand.

InVue Social Content Features


Community Management

Posting is one thing, but managing your community is an entire segment of your business within itself. If you’re not monitoring what your customers are saying 24/7, and aren’t supplying them with fresh and engaging content, your community (and business) will suffer.

InVue takes the burden of community management away, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. We actively monitor your social channels and respond quickly to feedback from your users; answering questions and resolving issues.

We look to engage your customers with unique promotional ideas based around surprise & delight, and 1:1 communication. Being able to surprise your users with value adds will make them much more likely to pay closer attention to your business, and share more of what you post with their friends. The ROI from this engagement is exponential.

On top of that, we make sure to continually update your community with the latest that’s going on in the social media sphere, ensuring your audience is paying active attention to everything you say.

Beyond Organic

Paid Social Media

Community management is just one major side to social – the other being paid social media. We’ll work with you to learn about your brand’s target audience and develop ads that drive your business goals with a positive ROI.

A few important tenants to our paid social approach include:

  • Granular targeting -including custom audiences (website visitors or CRM lists, for example)- will allow your audience to be reached on a personal level.
  • Smart and consistent optimizations -including targeting and creative adjustments- will be made to help achieve business KPIs and prove/improve ROI.
  • Amplify top performing organic content that has the highest engagement rates to extend reach.
  • Our in-house creative team offering world class creative design, all included as part of our paid social offering.

InVue SMM Services

What's Next

Ready for the Next Level?

Are you ready to elevate your social media? It all starts with simply reaching out to us to talk more about your business, goals, and current social media efforts. Whether you already have an existing social presence, or are starting from scratch, we’re always excited to see how we can bring your company to the top of the leaderboard in your vertical or location(s).

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