Mike Bongiovanni

InVue Admin

Just a few days ago, Google launched a feature called “Questions and Answers” that allows customers to ask businesses questions directly through their Maps listings.

Right now, Questions and Answers is only available through Google Maps on Android, but it’s likely only a matter of time before we see a wider rollout. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how it’s laid out:

Google QA InVue

Users can navigate to a business’s listing to “ask the community” questions about that business.

Google QA Invue

Business owners will get a notification through Google Maps for Android when a new question comes through.

Google QA InVue

Askers can edit or delete their questions. Other users can upvote helpful questions and answer them themselves.

Questions and Answers isn’t the only (or even the best) way to answer customers’ questions directly: messaging or Google Posts are both more direct and more visible.

Rather, Questions and Answers lets you publish common questions right to your business’s listing so customers don’t even have to bother to ask.

The focus of the functionality is definitely on sourcing common questions from customers, but business owners can also jumpstart the process by asking frequently asked questions and answers themselves.

To help business owners along, we put together a list of 102 common questions that business owners should answer, sorted below by industry.

Questions to Answer in Google Questions and Answers

Before you get started with questions, remind yourself what FAQs should accomplish:

  • They should be questions that your customers actually ask frequently;
  • They should be easy to scan and understand;
  • They should be written how a customer might ask them;
  • They should not be used as an excuse for you to talk about how great your business is.

Too many businesses use their FAQs to tell their customers what they think they need to know instead of what they actually want to know. Put your ego aside, find your industry and focus instead on being useful for your customers.

New Home Construction

  • What areas do you buy/sell/build in?
  • Do you offer financing?
  • Do you offer open houses?
  • What is your price range?
  • How long does it usually take for you to build a new home?
  • Do you offer interior design services?
  • Should I buy land or talk to a builder first?
  • Can you build on land that I already own?
  • Will I need a construction loan?
  • What types of architectural styles do you offer?
  • Do you build energy-efficient/solar-powered homes?
  • Can you take over a project started by another builder?

Online Boutique

  • Where do you ship to?
  • Where do you ship from?
  • Is free shipping available?
  • What shipping options are available?
  • What is your return policy?
  • What sizes are available?
  • Are your items true to size?
  • What if the item I want is out of stock?
  • What payment options do you accept?
  • Do you offer monogramming or personalization?
  • Do you have a storefront?


  • Should I arrive early for my first appointment?
  • What should I bring to my first appointment?
  • How long will my initial appointment last?
  • Will my first visit be a cleaning or a consultation?
  • How much does an initial visit cost?
  • Do you accept insurance?
  • What kinds of services do you offer?
  • Do you accept pediatric patients?
  • When should I schedule my child’s first dentist appointment?
  • How often should I visit the dentist?
  • Do you offer dental implants?
  • Do you offer dental surgery?
  • Do you offer dentures?
  • Do you offer sedation dentistry?
  • Is your office accessible?


  • How often do I need an eye exam?
  • Do you accept insurance?
  • How much does an eye exam cost?
  • Do you sell glasses in your office?
  • How often should I replace my glasses?
  • Do you offer laser eye surgery?
  • How old should my child be for his or her first eye exam?
  • Do I need to see an optician, an optometrist or an ophthalmologist?
  • Do people with 20/20 vision need eye exams?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Will you fill a prescription from another doctor?
  • Can you complete DMV forms?


  • Can you store my bags?
  • Is parking available/included?
  • Is Wi-Fi included?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Do you offer room service?
  • What do I need for check-in?
  • When are check-in and check-out?
  • Is late checkout available?
  • Do you offer shuttles from nearby airports?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Is breakfast included?
  • Are smoking rooms available?
  • Are minibars available in your rooms?
  • Do rooms include refrigerators?
  • Do you have a gym?
  • Do you have a pool?
  • Do you have a spa?
  • Do you offer laundry service?
  • Do you offer currency exchange?
  • Can I have packages sent to the hotel?
  • Do you have accessible rooms?

Wedding Venue

  • What’s included in the rental fee?
  • How many guests can you accommodate?
  • Are certain days or months cheaper than others?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • Can I hold my ceremony in the same venue as my reception?
  • What happens if it rains?
  • Will other events be scheduled the same day as my wedding?
  • What is your alcohol policy?
  • What is your catering policy?
  • Can we do a food tasting prior to finalizing our menu?
  • What is your decoration policy?
  • What is your policy on music?
  • Are tables, linens, chairs, plates and flatware included?
  • How many bathrooms are available?
  • Is your venue accessible?
  • Do you provide coat check service?
  • Do you provide security?
  • Can I bring in my own vendors?
  • What is your payment and cancellation policy?
  • Do you provide overnight accommodations or discounts for nearby hotels?
  • Do you require wedding liability insurance?
  • Do you offer cancellation or postponement insurance?


  • What are your fees?
  • Do you provide free initial consultations?
  • What are your practice areas?
  • How do I know if I have a legal claim?
  • How do I know if I need an attorney?
  • How do I know what my case is worth?
  • Do I pay my legal fees out of pocket?
  • What documents do I need to bring when meeting with a lawyer?
  • How long will my case take to resolve?

Remember: this feature is brand new and currently only available through Google Maps for Android. If you can’t access it there, be patient – it should roll out for everyone sooner or later.